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What Bin Size Do I Need?

Here’s the deal…

You’re out in your garage and staring at a collected pile of household items, construction debris and/or landscaping debris. You’ve concluded that… to get rid of this junk, you need to rent a bin. Renting a dumpster is a much more convenient way of disposing trash that running back and forth to your local transfer station.

But… Here’s what you need to ask next…

What bin size do I need?

After reading this, you’ll quickly understand what dumpster size you’ll need to rent to dispose of all your waste and receive the best possible value.

This article will help you make sure you don’t rent a bin too large that you’re paying for all that empty space in the 20 yard bin you rented. Conversely, you will be able to adequately order the right size so it’s not too small for your purging needs and you need to rent another dumpster or pay for a dump and return.

Bin There Dump That’s four different dumpster sizes and a Ford F550 truck

What Materials do I Have?

The size of your dumpster will be largely dependent on not only the amount of waste you have but the type of waste you have.

Obviously, the larger the pile of trash, the bigger container you will need BUT where mistakes may happen is when you feel you need a larger bin because you have bulkier waste like old furniture to put in the bin. In this instance, proper placement in the dumpster may help you avoid needing a larger dumpster.

This is where Bin There Dump That’s walk-in double doors come in handy. When dealing with bulker items, simply open the doors to the bin and walk them into the dumpster for an ideal placement.

What Project Am I Undertaking?

Your project is also a big factor on deciding what dumpster you will need. Our trained Dumpster Consultants can quickly estimate the size you will need when you detail your job. For instance, if you call one of our locations and speak to your local Dumpster Consultant detailing that you’re putting on a new roof, 90% of the time, they will recommend our 9 yard bin. This size is the perfect bin for roofing debris like shingles and tar paper.

Bin There Dump That dumpster consultant that helps customers choose the best fit

If you call noting your kitchen or basement renovation you’ll most likely be recommended our 12 or 14 yard containers. For a smaller bathroom-like renovation, you’ll probably be recommended a 9 yard bin.

For projects that include the disposal of concrete or dirt, you’ll only be recommended a 4 yard bin. This is simply because many bin trucks can’t lift more than a 4 yard bin that is full with dirt or concrete.

Considering Bin There Dump That has been providing Residential Friendly dumpsters for two decades, we have this down to a fine science.

When in Doubt, Order the 20 Yard Bin

This is Bin There Dump That’s most popular offering for a reason. When you are deciding between the 20 yard dumpster and other available options, it’s always suggested to opt for the largest because your rental is a full week and if your construction debris or project waste doesn’t fill up the container, you still have plenty of time to rummage through the rest of the home to pitch other unwanted good.

Plus, in many instances, Bin There Dump That franchise locations will suggest you rent the 20 and in the event you only fill it ¾ of the way, they’ll charge you for a 14 yard container.

Mark Crossett, founder of Bin There Dump That, standing in front of 20 Yard Bin Rental

Ready to Rent Your Bin?

If you’re more clear on what bin size will fit your waste disposal project, find your local Bin There Dump That franchise and rent your bin today!