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Everything You Need To Know About Bin Rental Prices

How much does it cost to rent a bin?

When you are estimating bin rental prices you must account a number of variables; these include but are not limited to:

Where are you located?

Where you live will have a significant impact on the cost of renting a dumpster. Is the cost of living in your city or town relatively high? If so, you can expect to pay a little more for your container rental.

Are there several companies that offer the service in town? If it’s a competitive market, it’s to your advantage because companies will compete on pricing and value. If you have very few options, you may end up paying a premium for the service.

Location is a factor of Bin Rental Prices

What are the Disposal Costs at Your Local Landfill or Transfer Station?

Probably the most significant factor in dumpster rental prices are dumping costs at the local landfill or transfer station. Bin rental suppliers will project their cost of dumping onto the customer for the service. If your local dumping station has high disposal costs, expect to pay more for the dumpster service. In this instance, you may want to opt for the company with an all-in pricing structure that includes allotted disposal weight.

What’s Their Pricing Structure?

Bin rental companies will charge customers one of two ways, 1) all-in pricing structure and 2) bin rental + weight. An all-in pricing structure usually includes the delivery and pickup of your bin, allotted disposal weight and rental period. A bin + weight structure is a model where you pay a set fee for the delivery, pickup and allotted days of the rental and will pay additional costs on the weight of your dumpster.

Each dumpster rental company should be able to articulate these pricing structures to you when you call for a quote.

How Long do you Need the Bin For?

Monthly View of Calendar That Affect Bin Rental Prices

When you rent a bin, the container will come with a rental period ranging between 1 to 30 days. Some companies will charge on a per day basis but most will build in a set number of days into the rental. Where you may incur additional costs is when you need extra days added to your rental.

In these cases, you’re most likely to pay between $5 - $50 per day for those additional days.

What Materials are You Going to be Putting in the Dumpster?

The items you’ll be disposing of can effect what you pay for your dumpster rental. If you’re disposing of construction debris or household items exclusively, you probably won’t incur additional charges to your rental.

Where you may end up paying more is the purging of heavier or prohibited items. If you are using the bin to get rid of concrete, roofing debris or dirt, these are items that can lead to a really heavy dumpster.

If you need to dispose of tires, paint cans or other prohibited items, you first may not have an option to dispose of them in your bin but if you are, you’ll probably pay between $20-$50 per tire or paint can. These are items that need to be recycled and there is a premium to pay at the dumping station for disposing of these items.

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