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What Customers Can Expect From Their Bin There Dump That Bin Rental

Exceptional customer service is invaluable, isn’t it?

We feel extremely strong about this sentiment...

That’s why renting a bin from Bin There Dump That is a unique experience to any other waste disposal method you’ve used in the past.

Throughout this article, you’ll discover the Bin There Dump That bin rental customer experience from discovery to collaboration with our Dumpster Consultants, all the way to our Dumpster Delivery Experts removing the bin from your home and transporting it to your local transfer station.

Giving You All the Information You Need

When you’re looking for a bin to rent to dispose of your waste, in most instances our customers find us from a Google search. Right off the bat, we want to arm our potential customers with as much information about Bin There Dump That and our services as possible.

Bin Rental Experience

As illustrated in this image, between the discovery of the pertinent contact and business information like phone number, website, hours of operation and questions & answers as well as customer experience information in the abundant reviews, we arm these potential customers with all the information they need to make an informed decision about our service, without having to go to the website.

Bin Rental Experience Scratch Protection

If more information is required, our corporate and local franchise websites will answer all remaining questions.

A Consultative Dumpster Ordering Procedure

When you call one of our local Bin There Dump That franchise locations we will nearly always have a live voice to answer your call; we dislike voicemail as much as you do. In the event you do reach voicemail, be rest assured you’ll receive a response back in no more than 15 minutes.

When our Dumpster Consultants answer your call, rather than simply take your order, they’ll collaborate with you, acquiring all the pertinent information to make an informed decision on providing you the right container to receive the greatest value.

When you and the Dumpster Consultant agree upon the right size dumpster, they create the work order for your rental on the spot and schedule the delivery for when YOU need it; rather than when the container may be available.

At Bin There Dump That, we strive to carry 15% inventory at all times because we understand, as the customer, issues can prop up where you need a dumpster immediately. In most instances, we can provide a dumpster rental with same day delivery but no later than 24 hours (unless in extreme cases).

Delivery of Your Bin Rental

Bin There Dump That truck delivering a 20 yard bin rental on a driveway

Our Dumpster Delivery Experts will deliver your container on time; you don’t need to be home for the delivery. However, if you are home, the Dumpster Delivery Expert will show you how to utilize the walk-in double doors, a staple of the Bin There Dump That Residential Friendly dumpster.

Of course, before placing the clean, lime-green bin on your driveway, they’ll make sure to place down boards on your property as part of our driveway protection system.

Now It’s Your Turn – Fill That Container Up!

After the Delivery Experts provide you your dumpster rental you’ll have 7 days to complete your waste disposal project (or longer if discussed with the Dumpster Consultant).

We suggest you start with the bulkier items first. Open the double doors and walk in any furniture or larger items you have. Once the bulky items are in the dumpster, close the doors and throw the smaller items over the container walls.

Are you finished before 7 days? That’s fine, call back our Dumpster Consultants and they’ll arrange a pick up for when you’d like the bin removed from your home.

Say Goodbye to Your Residential Friendly Dumpster Rental

Our Delivery Experts will return after 7 days or upon your request to transport your filled container to the transfer station or landfill. However, before leaving, they’ll make sure to give your driveway a proper sweep to remove any lingering debris that may have not made its way into the dumpster upon initial disposing.

All done! Bin There Dump That strives to provide you the absolute best customer service experience in the waste disposal industry.

Simply, we want to make renting a bin simple, easy and enjoyable. If you’re ready to give Bin There Dump That a shot for your waste disposal project, find your nearest Bin There Dump That franchise location.