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Dallas and Tanya Storey, owners of Bin There Dump That, live in the Kelowna area with their two young children. Dallas grew up on a farm in Manitoba and headed west to strike it big with the black gold of the prairies. This is where he met Tanya, a local resident of Fort St. John, BC, she was a small town girl, with big dreams. After getting married on the beaches of Maui, they called Grande Prairie home for almost four years. Although starting a family was plenty exciting, they realized the next chapter was calling.

Moving from Grande Prairie, Alberta and opening Bin There Dump That in the summer of 2012 was the greatest adventure either one of them has had so far, and the excitement continues. Kelowna has opened its heart and embraced them like long lost family. They couldn't be happier or prouder to be apart of such a present and mindful community.

They look forward to forging new friendships and business relationships with all the Kelownifornians and surrounding areas. Call them for all your renovation, restoration, or clean up projects. They will provide you with exceptional customer service, an all inclusive price with no surprise costs or hidden fees and best of all, sorting and recycling are included - free of charge. Contact them today - 778.214.1699 or email -

Junk Removal

When it comes to junk removal in Kelowna you have different options that will fulfil your junk removal needs. You may find some companies that will actually come and pack up the junk for you but from our experience that process could be quite pricey especially if you have a whole lot of junk to be taken away. If you do have a tonne of junk and no one to help you with your Kelowna junk removal process then this method of junk removal may be the best solutions for your Kelowna junk removal needs.

Bin There Dump That Kelowna provides a junk removal service where we supply you with the junk removal bin and your are able to load the bin with your junk, let us know when you're done by simply giving us a call and we will be back to take your junk away making your Kelowna junk removal experience easy for you to handle.

Our Kelowna junk removal service is suitable for anyone and we offer competitive junk removal rates compared to most of the other junk removal companies in Kelowna . Where you will find that Bin There Dump That differs from most other Kelowna junk removal companies is our junk removal bins are clean when you get them. Our customer service and professionalism would rank the best in the Kelowna junk removal industry and when you rent a junk removal bin in Kelowna the junk removal bin is delivered by a local Kelowna junk removal specialist, a specialist that you may even bump into at your local Kelowna grocery store. Just one of the reason we treat all our customers as family.

Some people ask themselves! How did I accumulate all this junk?

Junk accumulates over the years and could be a factor of many things. Additions to the family, a move, a major renovation factor or many other reasons! Whatever the reason just know that Bin There Dump That can provide you with junk removal services in Kelowna that will exceed your junk removal expectations!

Who do I call for junk removal service in Kelowna ?

This is a simple answer! For all your Kelowna junk removal service give Bin There Dump That a Call. Let us talk to you first to learn about your Kelowna junk removal project. Once we know more about you and your needs we can properly guide you into the right size junk removal bin and provide you with quote before you make any decisions.

Bin There Dump That your choice for Kelowna Junk Removal Service. Serving Kelowna and surrounding areas.