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Our Team - Our Approach

At Bin There Dump That we have carefully assembled a team of franchise professionals that intentionally created a "franchisee centric culture". No doubt you've walked into an office or company where the air was charged with negative or positive energy. People either love to be at work or they are just putting in time. Creating a positive culture and atmosphere is a function of leadership, a commitment to values and to excellence.

Each person on our leadership team has or is running a franchise business. This helps us to understand how a franchisee / franchisor relation works best - partners in success. We learned from our own personal experience what it takes to do the research about becoming a franchisee, making the decision, signing the agreement, completing training and finally running a successful franchise. You could say we've been there and done that!

As you conduct your research and investigation please ask questions to our existing franchise operators about this "franchisee centric culture".

  • Do the leadership and support team at BTDT walk the walk?
  • Do the procedures and policies demonstrate that they get it?
  • When an issue arises does BTDT do the next right thing?

Becoming a happy franchise usually comes down to the bottom-line; if you're making money you'll be happy. We urge you to take a deep dive. A motto we've embraced and ask you to follow is -

Take Your Assumptions, Turn Them into Questions and You Will Find the Truth

Michael Kernaghan - CEO of That Franchise Group & current Weedman franchisee

During his 25 year career in franchising, Michael Kernaghan has developed existing franchise systems and co-founded and created new franchise concepts, including Bin There Dump That. He has also been instrumental in introducing new franchise opportunities from outside countries to new markets. His expertise includes real world experience in all elements and aspects of franchising, including development, recruiting, operations, administration, marketing/sales and strategic planning. Over the last 20 years Michael has also owned and operated a number of franchised locations himself, giving him a valuable and unique perspective from both sides of the Franchisee / Franchisor relationship.

Michael's franchise experience, coupled with a continued and strong belief in trust, integrity, teamwork and service serves him very well in his current business focus.

John Ferracuti – Executive VP / General Manager & former Navis Logistics franchisee

John Ferracuti is the VP and General Manager of Bin There Dump That and is responsible for directing the day to day operations of the company. John’s experience with franchising and small business includes building, owning and selling several small businesses over the course of the last twenty years. In 1993, John was awarded the first and only Canadian Handle With Care Packaging Store franchise. Over the next ten years he built one of the top five locations in North America and was a pioneer in the expansion of what was originally a retail based business concept into a warehouse and commercial based concept, receiving the award for North American Franchise of the Year in 2003. In 2005, John sold his franchise and went on to work as a consultant to the franchisor in the areas of sales, marketing and franchise recruiting.

His experience as both a highly successful franchise operator and effective franchise support specialist and recruiter make John uniquely qualified to relate to franchise operators and their needs and to lead Bin There Dump That to becoming the most respected and successful franchised residential friendly dumpster business in North America. He lives in Toronto and is a lover of all sports and an avid skier.

Greg Yon - Operations Support & former HWCPS franchisee, Director of Logistics

Mr. Yon worked for General Electric Company and GE Plastics from 1973 to 1995 serving the company in many different operational positions.

In 1996 Mr. Yon became an entrepreneur and started, owned and operated a Handle With Care Packaging Store franchise, a Local Intra-State Moving Company and a Penske Truck Rental Agency. During his time as a franchisee he also served as Director of Transportation for The Packaging Store Inc. He successfully built his businesses and sold them in 2003. In 2004 he joined the Navis Logistics Corporate team as a Field Support Manager. In 2005 he was named Director of Field Support and Training. In that position he was responsible for the operations, support, and training all North American Navis locations. He served in that position until 2010.

In 2012, after spending approximately 18 months as Director of Maintenance for the City of Pittsfield Massachusetts, Greg joined the Bin There Dump That team as Manager of Field Support and Training. In this position he works directly with the Franchise Operators as a business partner, providing operational analysis to optimize productivity for all Bin There Dump That franchise locations. He interacts with Bin There Dump That business owners to develop and administer growth strategies to increase their profitability. He also directs "Bin Learnin' University" – the Bin There Dump That comprehensive training school.

Mr. Yon has been married for 30 years and has three grown children. He lives and works out of a home office in Pittsfield, MA.