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During our 42 years of awarding franchise we have found several factors that identify what makes a great franchisee. First and foremost this must be a mutual evaluation, not a cold sales process. There are three qualities and attributes common to all top performing franchisees. They are;

1. Fire in the belly- a drive to succeed, to win, to be rewarded for your direct effort, balanced with a willingness to accept responsibility for your actions.

2. The ability to follow a system and execute the proven business model - This is tempered by being a decision maker with the will to take action when required. Think of implementation first, innovation second.

3. Appropriate capital - Building a great business takes time, so having a realistic financial expectation is essential. Having a solid net worth, balance sheet and above average credit score is required.

We believe that people do business with people they like - The most successful Bin There Dump That franchise operators love to meet people, talk about their businesses, join community events and are comfortable walking in the door of a Chamber of Commerce mixer or the office of a roofing contractor.

Bin There Dump That is a progressive and innovative franchisor. We employ a wonderful business evaluation tool; we call the Franchisee Personality Assessment. It's psychologically and scientifically based. Our franchise awarding process helps us identify outstanding candidates that are customer service focused, achievers, implementers, and motivated to succeed. Does this describe you?

You'll receive a copy of the results. You may find it helpful in improving your own business skills or understanding some of your business challenges. It's free and there's no obligation to move forward with an investigation of the Bin There Dump That franchise opportunity.

Franchisee Personality Assessment