Durham Region Dumpster Rental FAQs

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What bin sizes do you offer?

We offer 6 different sizes of bins for the same price! All bin sizes fit within one parking space, have double doors on the back for easy loading and a series of boards are placed under the bin to protect your driveway.

  • 4 yards= 9’ long, 6’ wide and 2’ high
  • 6 yards= 9’ long, 6’ wide and 3’ high
  • 9 yards= 9’ long, 7’ wide and 4’ high
  • 12 yards= 10’ long, 8’ wide and 4’ high
  • 14 yards= 11’ long, 8’ wide and 5’ high
  • 20 yards= 11’ long, 8’ wide and 6’ high

How soon can a bin be delivered?

Our bins are available for delivery and pickup within 2-3 hours from ordering. Office is open Monday to Saturday.

What am I able to put inside the bin?

Almost anything! Common uses for our bins are household cleanouts, renovation material, yard cleanups, roofing material and more! The only restrictions we have are on hazardous and biohazardous materials (such as motor oil, car tires, paint, batteries, etc.)

How long can I keep the bin for?

All bin rentals come with 7 days included.

How do I pay for the bin?

Our office accepts Visa, Mastercard, Cash and E-Transfer at the time of order.

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